Fully Featured, Fast, Customisable EPOS Software

NuEPOS is an extremely capable, fast and feature rich EPOS solution. We offer the most customisable experience of any other EPOS system.

Sales Screen

Sales Screen

Central to any EPOS system is the sales screen, and the NuEPOS sales screen is not only fast and versatile, but also the most customisable on the market.

Design the sales screen to look and behave exactly the way you want, ensuring a tailored experience for your sales staff.

Sales can be completed quickly and easily, with special offers being processed instantly after each item is scanned.

Stock Control

Stock Control & Manager

Manage your stock inventory and product listings with our powerful stock management feature.

• Lookup new products from NuEPOS including possible names, prices and images.

• Multiple stock locations.

• Changeable layout with dockable sub windows.

• Child products for different colours, sizes etc.

Accounting & Statistics

Accounting & Statistics

Produce reports and charts in real-time for your organisation.

• View multiple stores from any location.

• Many reports available together with the ability of producing Bar, Line or Pie charts from filtered data.

• Export data to accounting packages such as Sage™, Quickbooks™ or Xero™.


Security & Restrictions

Limit functions depending upon staff privileges. Use a fingerprint reader or dallas key to facilitate quick staff login.

• Record activities for each staff member giving full culpability

• Login with password, fingerprint, magnetic key or swipe card (hardware depending).

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

Replenish stock levels by automatically generating orders and emailing them directly to suppliers.

Create purchase orders in any currency either manually or by having the system generate a list of suggested items saving time and money.

Schedules & Appointments

Schedules & Appointments

Manage appointments and bookings from any terminal.

• Track deposits for bookings.

• Attach customers / objects to appointments e.g. animals for pet salons.

Languages & Localisation

Languages & Localisation

NuEPOS supports many languages for different users, together with full localisation for dates, spelling, currencies and percentages based on your region.

• Right To Left languages supported.

• Currencies with up to 4 decimal places supported.

Multiple Terminals / Sites

Scale upto Multiple Terminals & Sites

Unlimited number of stores are supported, each with as many terminals as required. NuEPOS will ensure all terminals stay synchronised across your organisation.

• Terminals continue to operate when internet is not available.

• Different store types can share certain information e.g. linking customers but not products etc.

Advertising & Customer Screen

Advertising & Customer Screen

Sell advertising space to manufacturers or local businesses. When a customer is being served, their products are shown on screen with a live total.

• Automatically upsell recommended products based on customers' purchases.

• Full drag, drop and draw interface for drawing advertising scenes.

Labels & Vouchers Designer

Labels & Vouchers Designer

Design and produce your own shelf edge labels, vouchers or weigh-up sticky labels.

• Full drag and drop designer.

• Design black & white / colour labels in any size.

• Use with scales to produce pre-weighed merchandise.

Customer Management

Customer Management & Loyalty / Reward Schemes

Introduce a customer loyalty scheme and ensure your customers continue to shop with your business. Offer rewards and incentives without the administration or headache.

• Points schemes including double points for products or groups of customers.

• Repeat offers over multiple occasions automatically e.g. Buy 6 Get 7th Free.

• Special pricing for loyalty customers, together with exclusive special offers.

• Full address lookup for postcodes (U.K), 5 & 9 digit zipcodes (US) and Eircodes (Republic of Ireland).

Invoicing & Statements

Invoicing & Statements

Offer credit to your customers with varying limits and days of credit.

• Print / Email Invoices & Statements.

• HTML Customisable Reports.

• Customers Can Digitally Sign For Goods.

• Produce Reports Such As Aged Debtors Lists etc.

Customer Orders

Customer Orders

Take customer orders for items to be delivered, prepared or specially ordered from a supplier.

• Printout order tickets for customers.

• Manage items that need to be prepared such as fast food.

• Email or SMS customers to let them know the status of their order.

• Take deposits to secure orders.

• Manage multiple delivery van runs for local deliveries.

Website Integration

Website Integration

Link your NuEPOS system to your website or e-commerce platform.

• Download and process orders automatically.

• Synchronise your stock quantities between multiple websites / platforms.

• Customers can earn points and repeat purchase offers online to use in store.

• Upload products from NuEPOS directly to your website / platform.

APP / Handheld

APP / Handheld

Update Stock Levels, Take Orders, Manage Deliveries.

• Edit Stock Items / Quantities On The Go.

• Serve Customers

• Check takings & income from your phone anywhere.

• Create & Edit Customers.

• View Appointments

• Manage Customer Orders And Deliveries.