Schedules & Appointments

Appointments Main View

Manage Appointments With Multiple Calendars

Each calendar can have as many columns as you need, together with different views.

  • Unlimited number of calendars can be created, with the choice of each store having their own calendars or sharing them across the organisation.
  • Events can be shown per day, per working week or full week, per month, per year or a timeline view. The timeline view is very useful for restaurants.
  • Multiple events can span either a time range or multiple days, with support for events overlapping each other.

Attach Customers, Products and Objects To Appointments

  • An event can have one or many customers associated with it (useful for groups or classes)
  • Attach multiple products or services to the appointment / event, making the checkout stage much quicker and simpler.
  • Attach customer objects depending on the industry. A pet store can attach pets to the event, a car mechanic can attach a customers vehicle etc.
New Event
Styles Editor

Customise Fonts and Colours

  • Make different event types have different colours, fonts and styles.
  • Each event type can have its own layout, showing the most relevant information about the event.
  • Block out sections of the calendar to prevent staff members booking appointments during those times / days.

Email / SMS Appointment Reminders

  • Print, SMS or Email appointment reminders to reduce no shows thereby saving money.
  • Check delivery status to ensure SMS has been received by the recipient.
  • Schedule the reminder to be sent automatically or send them manually.
Send SMS and Emails