NuEPOS provides more than just hardware and equipment delivered to your premises. We offer onsite training & installation, software only and also training in-house at our dedicated training room for up to 7 staff members at a time.

On-site Installation & Training

Though we offer remote training, some people prefer someone on-site to help them setup and install the equipment, and then spend the day going through the setup and training of all the major features they need to know. For a small fee, we can offer someone to be anywhere in mainland UK for the day. If you are outside the UK, there will be an additional charge for travel & expenses.

Onsite Training
Training Room

In-House Training

If you prefer to come visit us for the day, we can offer training for both new and existing customers. We currently do not charge for this service providing plenty of notice is given, and existing customers may visit for advanced training sessions once per year.

We have a dedicated training room, with an 84" Touchscreen Monitor which will be connected live to your store whilst we go through all the relevant and necessary topics. Its a great idea to visit us if you feel there are a lot of distractions in your store / premises.

Software & Support Only

Already have your own hardware? No problem, providing its compatible, you can purchase just software and support from us and re-use your existing equipment. There are no contracts, simply pay for what you need and if you don't need or want NuEPOS anymore, simply cancel or reduce your subscription. One terminal is only £30 (+ VAT if applicable) per month, and subsequent ones are only £15 per month.

Software support includes the following:

⭐ Telephone & Email Support 7 Days A Week
⭐ Automatic Product Lookup For New Products
⭐ Postal code lookup for UK, Ireland and 9-Digit ZIP for USA
⭐ Historic Weather Details
⭐ Live synchronised backup every 10 seconds.
⭐ Unlimited use of our handheld app for unlimited users.
NuEPOS Software