Sales Screen

Sales Designer

Fully Design Your Own Sales Screen

Choose and customise from one of our industry templates, or draw the entire sales screen from scratch if you wish!

  • Simple to use drag and drop interface.
  • Draw the functions you need wherever your require them, streamlining and reducing clutter.
  • Choose fonts, colours, borders, shading, shadows and even behaviour of each button / object.

Payment Methods

  • Create as many payment methods as your wish, from internal vouchers and web payments to cash and card.
  • Pay with multiple concurrent tenders, even different currencies if you wish.
  • Integration with certain credit card companies, reducing errors and improving speed.
Payment Methods
Find Product

Scan / Click or Search For Products

  • Inserting entire packages into the cart at the tap of a button
  • Search for a particular product using keyword(s) or partial barcode
  • Scan barcodes quickly, or create your own with support for alphanumeric barcodes

Weighout Items

  • Weighing Scales integration for fast weigh out service.
  • Manage stock levels of measurable items by reducing the parent item by the correct quantity.
  • Calculate costs automatically for measurable items by only maintaining the parent product cost.
  • Supports Avery Berkel™ barcodes for processing pre-weighed items
Carts & Tables

Carts / Tables

  • Serve multiple customers at once with multiple carts per terminal.
  • Draw and place tables within your cafĂ© / restaurant layout.
  • Manage tabs for customers.

Petty Cash & Markdowns

  • Record cash payouts for services (windows cleaner etc.), logging staff name and time.
  • Markdown damaged stock, with reporting features to assist in reducing tax bills.
  • Transfer cash between terminals without needing paper logs.
Petty Cash
Special Offers

Special Offers


  • Special Offers are calculated instantly upon each product scan.
  • Simple multibuys to grouped offers (e.g. meal deals).
  • Cheapest Item Free, Percentage Discounts, Price Reductions.
  • Limit / Exclude Offers based on time, customer or price band.
  • Repeat Purchases On Multiple Occasions (Buy 6 Get 7th Free).
  • Points schemes.

Unlimited Price Bands

  • Create special price structures for different customers or times.
  • Price Bands can be based on a formula linking to selling price or supplier cost. (e.g Gold customers get 10% off RRP or Wholesale customers get 20% above supplier cost).
  • Set individual prices for specific products.
Price Bands
Prep Tickets

Restaurant / Warehouse Prep Tickets

  • Design tickets that print instructions to kitchens or warehouse for preparation.
  • Full drag and drop layout editor.
  • Custom messages for chefs
  • Print to multiple printers with rules determining which product should print to which printer.

Receipts & Quotes Designer

  • Completely customise the design of your receipts, with a simple drag and drop editor.
  • Store or Print Quotes which can be printed in both receipt or A4 / Letter form.
  • Supports multiple templates for different receipts for different products e.g. special guarantees.
Receipt And Quotes Designer

Online Search For Unrecognised Products

  • Scanning an unknown product / barcode can easily be inserted into the system from the sales screen.
  • Search online and NuEPOS servers to attempt to retrieve possible descriptions and prices.
  • Obtain images for products from online sources at the click of a button.

Built In Cash Up System

  • Simple cashing up interface, allowing the user to count either the number of coins / notes / bills, or the value of each denomination.
  • Pause & Resume cashing up if interrupted half way by customers.
  • Cash Up multiple currencies concurrently.
  • Customise the cash up printout, or only print large cash up reports to save paper.
  • Export cash up records to accounting packages.
Cashing Up