Extras & Options

When clicking Buy Now, you can customise your order with upgrades and additional peripherals. All of the items in this list can be purchased and dispatched at a later date incase your require additional time or money.

Laser Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanners

For retail environments, a barcode scanner is a necessity for scanning product barcodes. The NuEPOS barcode scanners are designed to scan products quickly and accurately and come with a 3 year warranty as standard. There are 3 different types of barcode scanners.

  • CCD : CCD Scanners are the cheapest scanners available and are suitable for enviroments where scanning a barcode is not that frequent such as back offices.
  • Laser : Laser scanners are much quicker than CCD scanners at scanning barcodes and are suited to enviroments that require frequent scans, and also for scanning bulky items.
  • Omni Directional : Omni directional scanners are designed to be mostly stationary and project many laser lines which are able to scan items at the fastest possible rate. You often see them in supermarkets integrated into the till system.

Receipt Printers

Each package comes with a receipt printer as standard, however you may require additional printers for kitchens or warehouses that need to print preparation tickets. Each printer comes with the following interfaces:

  • USB : The default method of connecting a printer to a terminal, allowing high speed printing of text and images.
  • Ethernet : For additional kitchen or warehouse printers, a network cable allows efficient transmission over long distances.
  • Serial : Not recommended, though can be used as a last resort for simple text based receipts.
  • Cash Drawer Port : NuEPOS printers come with a cash drawer port incase you wish to use a tablet or PC.
Weighing Scales

Weighing Scales

Our weighing scales can communicate with the NuEPOS software meaning you can press the product on the screen, and then place the item on the scales. Once the weight is stable, it is automatically sent to the system.

Alternatively, your store may prefer to pre pack items and then produce a sticky label to put on the product. Using the NuEPOS software, you can bag items up and use the label designer to print your label with a scannable barcode that tells the system how much the item should be.

Customer Line Displays

These can be a great tool for the customer to see how much the total of the sale is, and can help them be prepared faster to pay the correct amount.

  • Attached : If your till faces away from the customer, you can have the display attached to the back of the terminal.
  • Standalone : The display can be standalone on a cable, either on a pole or mounted into the counter.
  • Multiple : In some environments, it may be advantageous to have more than one display.
Pole Display
Caller ID

Caller ID

These devices allow the EPOS terminal to know the phone number of the person who is currently calling, which assists greatly when taking orders over the phone.

A caller ID device is almost a must for any food delivery / collection company, but can also be useful for other retail delivery services.

If an order is already placed, it can even show all the information regarding the order whilst it is still ringing and before the phone is even picked up.


Lead Time

Upon placing an order with NuEPOS, we will endeavour to deliver your order as soon as possible. Depending on the chosen terminal and options, your system should be built, tested and delivered between 3 and 5 days.