Labels & Vouchers Designer

Label Designer

Full Drag and Drop Label and Voucher Designer

  • Design your own labels with our powerful WYSIWYG editor.
  • Each objects' properties can change based on different conditions. For example, hide the price if it is zero.
  • Modify one of our many label templates or design your own from scratch.

Compatible with all Windows Based Label Printers

  • If you can print to the printer in Windows, then it will work on our software.
  • Each label template can remember the properties for each printer, ensuring margins and print quality always remain correct.
  • Supports virtually any type of label printer or desktop printer.
  • Create weigh out labels with special barcodes that not only match a product, but also dictate its price / weight.
Label Printers
Label Lists

Create and Save Label Lists Using the APP

  • Produce Shelf Edge Labels for your entire store quickly by scanning the items on the APP and then printing them out in the same order.
  • Save and load lists of products on the APP or any terminal.

Produce Credit Notes for Refunded Transactions.

  • When refunding an item, provide the customer with a credit note from the receipt printer.
  • This forces the customer to come back to your store rather than giving them the physical cash or card back.
  • Customise the credit note to contain your disclaimers.
Credit Note

Custom Codes, Start and End Dates and Personalised Messages For Each Voucher.

  • Generate random unique codes, or use your own found on existing vouchers or voucher plastic cards.
  • Each voucher can have optional start or expiry dates, and an optional personalised message.
  • Link vouchers to customers so that do not need to carry the vouchers or incase they lose them.
  • Use the voucher in any of your stores, and track its usage and how it was created.

Special Transaction Vouchers to automatically print based on what the customer purchases.

  • Create rules that auto produce and print vouchers based on what the customer is purchasing.
  • Examples could include a fixed amount voucher when buying a high value item to ensure they come back to the store, or a voucher that offers a discount on a selection of pre-selected items.
  • Track the generation and usage of these vouchers to determine how much repeat business they are generating.