B2B / Warehouse - Features

NuEPOS has many features suitable for companies that sell to other businesses, or trade counter stores.

Invoicing / Credit Accounts

Produce fully customisable invoices and statements that can be printed or emailed directly to your customers.

Each customer can have a certain number of credit days or credit limit, and you can also mark customers on stop if they have greatly exceeded their credit terms.

Online Portal

Online Portal

Ever hear the phrase "I didn't receive your invoice"? Setup an online portal so your customers can login with an email address and password and view all of their invoices and statements 24/7. As soon as an invoice is created, it is visible within 10 seconds.

Customers can also view their transactions if they don't pay on credit as well.


When dealing with large warehouse, a PDA is almost essential. It can perform stock takes, check off received stock and also queue shelf edge labels.

Its only restriction is that it must be connected to the internet to operate, which is why it also comes with a SIM slot should your WIFI not reach. We generally recommend hotspotting to your phone though as its usually more convenient.

Multiple Locations

Custom Reporting

Our reporting capabilities can handle all sorts of reports you would expect to see in an EPOS solution, and are very customisable. However, for customers who need even more precision, we also have a custom reports feature that can create any type of report document you want in an HTML or PDF format.

These reports can even be shared as a dedicated link, or viewable from our mobile APP or desktop application.