Case Studies

We will be adding more case studies in the future, so feel free to check back again soon.

Skinners Sheds

Skinners Sheds is a company that has been trading since 1977, and manufacturers sheds and log cabins across the south east of England. They have over 30 show sites including various garden centres. Due to the sheer cost of posting drawings and forms back and forward between head office for various customers’ orders, they decided to look for an electronic solution.

NuEPOS built a full WYSIWYG design tool to help them design various sheds and cabins, and then electronically send them to head office for production. Rules are also put in to ensure the show sites don’t make mistakes when trying to understand their customer’s requirements. From the initial design stage of the order, to manufacturing, to delivering / tracking and installing the product, NuEPOS controls all aspects and helps them control their orders.

The savings of converting this process into a digital solution have been numerous. Skinners Sheds say they have saved tens of thousands of pounds per year in just postage alone, not to mention how many mistakes used to be made with just drawings thereby requiring new contracts to be sent out. Customers can now track their orders online, and they have built an online website with website integration, now that they can shift their focus into other areas.

Skinners Sheds Logo
What Stores Logo

What! Stores

What Stores is a company located in the south west of the U.K covering both Wales and England. They have over 10 large stores selling a large range of products at discounted rates.

When they moved over to NuEPOS, they had many requirements including bespoke reports and changes. From managing the submission of orders to their warehouse, to specialised reports such as ensuring they meet legislation for not keeping too many fireworks in one location, NuEPOS was able to manage and fulfil all of their needs.

What Stores is a company that has so many aspects to their business. They have a café, they sell to other businesses, they sell highly customised balloon packages, all with the same system for selling general products with different offers and pricing.

Moving to NuEPOS, their customers can now experience moving between different stores and still earning points, refunding items in different stores to their original purchase, and accurate symmetrical pricing.

Chung Wah Superstore

Chung Wah is a supermarket specialising in Chinese and other Asian foods, located in Liverpool U.K. They sell to both the public and to other businesses, supplying commercial grade goods to takeaways and restaurants.

Chung Wah is a diverse company that benefits from NuEPOS’s language features. Staff members who’s primary language is not English, can login with their fingerprint and the system will switch instant to Mandarin or their native tongue. They also employ a wide variety of different offers and pricing structures, which helps them be competitive against their competition, whilst also making their customers feel valued.

Because of their advantages and stability NuEPOS has brought to the company, they have recently just opened their second branch on the Wirral and feel comfortable in expanding their company whilst retaining control of all sectors.

This company has also not been afraid of requesting changes that will not only benefit them and the customers serving experience, but also other NuEPOS customers as well. Because of this, they are able to experiment with different ideas to see what would work and what wouldn’t, without worrying whether their EPOS system is capable of it.

Chung Wah Shopfront
Whitehouse Kennels Logo

Whitehouse Kennels

Whitehouse Kennels is a very successful business that operate a small pet store on site. However, their major requirement was allowing customers to book their pets online for staying at the boarding site. This took up a lot of the staff’s time, and required checking manually whether it was possible to book a particular dog or cat in, since they all have different requirements e.g. Some dogs cannot share a kennel while some can, some have different medical needs and so on.

NuEPOS was able to create an online portal for the customers to book online and see the availability of a selection of dates at a glance. They can then type in the details of their pets, meaning the staff in the kennels don’t have to spend time doing the same data inputting.

This saved the company many hours per day, and ultimately a lot of money in the long run. This particular customer only has and pays for 1 till system and a back office, and was not charged extra for the customisations to our online booking system.

Ranelagh's Tavern

Ranelagh's Tavern, is a lively pub located in the heart of Liverpool City Centre, and often frequents patrons of all ages and all walks of life.

This particular establishment will often use all of NuEPOS's features to its fullest. They maintain their competitiveness by rewarding their loyal customers with email and SMS offers including free drinks or special deals that can be used during certain times. Each of these messages have a unique code to prevent them being shared to different people multiple times, and also allows them to judge how successful a particular campaign has been.

They implment a very successful loyalty scheme, where they also employ some unique offers such as discounted drinks between 10am and 11am for night workers, but only a maximum of 4 general drinks during these 60 minutes can be purchased at a discount.

They also maintain excellent stock taking procedures, ensuring the system will deduct the correct fraction from any spirit, shot or cocktail from the large dispenserary bottle. By ensuring the system knows the total cost of the bottle, they can easily see the composition cost of any drink and its margin.

Ranelaghs Tavern