Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

We have compiled a list of questions we often get asked when prospective customers consider NuEPOS.

Yes, you can install our software on your EPOS terminal and connect your own EPOS peripherals providing they are all compatible.

Your computer / terminal should have at least Windows 7 (Windows 10/11 is recommended) with at least 2GB RAM (4GB recommended). The processor should be a dual core or above, with a CPU benchmark score of 1200 or above. (Full list available at https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php)

Although our software currently only works on the Windows operating system, it can be run in a virtual machine using either VMWare or Parallels for Mac, which in turn run a Windows 10/11 OS. We do intend to provide compatibility in the future to Mac and Linux.

If you are having a remote installation and the goods are to be posted to your premises, then we strive to have your system dispatched within 3-5 working days. This number can be longer based on our supplier’s stock, though usually this is rare. We will also inform you of any delay and give you an opportunity to select an alternative unit in the unlikely event of stock issues.

Yes, for an additional fee we can deliver your EPOS terminal and install it on site to mainland U.K. Usually this would also include a day of training to go over all of the features and to assist in the changeover to the new system.

Outside of Great Britain may also be possible for an additional charge due to ferries, planes etc.
Reduced rates may be available in Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland (Eire) if installation dates can be flexible and with plenty of notice.

Yes, we offer a day’s training either at your premises for a small fee for the day, or at our premises for a fixed fee of only £100 + VAT for the day. We have a dedicated training facility with a large 84” touchscreen system which will be using your data to make the material more relatable. Feel free to contact us to book in a day’s training.

We are usually pretty good in extracting data from other EPOS systems and importing it into our software. However, there are so many different systems using different technologies, so it is best to contact us to check the viability of data extraction. Some systems allow different parts to be exported such as products and customers, but do not provide an easy way to extract other elements such as transactions.

All printers that we sell use the most common size for receipt printers which is 80mm Wide. Usually seen as 80mm x 80mm as the depth is the same size as the width. There are other sizes such as 57mm which is for credit card printers. You may also see 80mm paper but with a different depth, these are compatible but the paper will run out quicker.

If you wish to stop using our software, you do not need to give any notice and may cease payments immediately if you are paying by direct debit. However, if you still have months remaining on your system and paid for them annually, you may only be entitled to a partial refund for the remaining months.

Our hours of support are currently 9am – 6pm GMT/ BST, with emergencies being taken 8-9am and up to 11pm GMT / BST. We endeavour to respond as soon as possible to emails and voice messages, and this is available Monday – Sunday with certain holidays excluded such as Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

No, you may move the license to a different computer as many times as you like. Simply deactivate the license for a terminal and reinstall on another computer using the new remaining free slot.

No, the APP is free to use for all paying customers, and supports multiple concurrent users. (Subject to fair usage)

As a general rule, we refrain from offering second hand equipment as it can usually lead to more problems down the line.

There are many places online that offer plastic magnetic cards of high quality (Reward-It as an example). Your main choices are quantity, double sided or single sided printing, and finally whether to have a magnetic strip on the back or use a barcode instead. We would always recommend using a magnetic strip to swipe a customer’s card or gift voucher. The customer number should be sequential, encoded on track 2 where possible. For gift cards, encode the voucher code on track 1as that supports text. HiCo encoding is greatly recommended to ensure the data is not wiped easily.

If you have an idea or suggestion for a feature that would be potentially useful to many current or future customers, we will build it free for everyone to use. Naturally, this is at our discretion what we believe is useful to many customers, together with a timeline on how quickly to implement it. However, it is our intention and goal to create and maintain the best, simple and most capable EPOS system available on the market.
If the request is for something specific to just one customer who requests it, then we can quote for bespoke features or integrations into specific packages.

We will provide integration to many different card providers. Please visit the home page to see the current entire list. We also provide online integration into Stripe & Barclays for your customers purchasing vouchers or tickets. If you require integration into another payment provider, please contact us.

All of our equipment comes with a minimum manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years, with certain items coming with up to 5 years.

We can recommend certain finance companies (subject to circumstances) for any of our equipment. Get in touch and we can put you in touch with a company to help.