EPOS Migration

Worried about your data if you switch to us?

With years of experience exporting data from other systems into our own, there is a very good chance we can export your products and customers and more. Best of all, there is NO charge for this!

Many EPOS providers purposefully make it very difficult to export many parts of your data, for the simple reason of trying to lock you in. At NuEPOS, we believe your data is your own and our confident in our service and software that we allow full import and export of all data.

Usually products and customers are mostly straightforward in exporting as most systems have a feature to export to Excel or CSV. However more detailed information such as additional barcodes can be a bit more tricky when relying on just built in reporting features alone. The most difficult is always the transactional data, which is why where possible we will try to export the data straight out of the database where possible.

Hard Drive image

Common EPOS Providers

*Note - Epos Now requires their API at a cost of £15 a month for transactions, but can be cancelled after a month once data is exported.
Provider Products Customers Customer Orders Vouchers Sales Suppliers Manufacturers Categories Buttons Images Purchase Orders Transactions
Premier EPOS
Epos Now
Intelligent Retail
Microsoft RMS

Any gaps in the above table may still be able to be exported, they haven't been required yet from any customers as yet. Please contact us for more information.