Pharmacy - Features

NuEPOS has many features suitable for pharmacies and chemists. Check out some of the features that are very applicable to the industry.

Customers Notes / Objects

Store simple notes about customers, or create more complex prescriptions that can expand to store limitless amounts of structured data.
See when the customer last ordered their prescription through their transactions, and create delivery runs or notes for customers who may not be able to visit the store.
NuEPOS also supports storing images or documents against a customer, so copies of doctor's prescriptions can be scanned and stored using the APP or by importing the file.

Chemist Graphic
Tablets And Pills

Product Restrictions

Prevent certain products being sold based on custom conditions. Items can be restricted to prevent too many being sold such as paracetemol, or only allowing certain items to be sold by a particular licensed staff member. Age restrictions are also very easy to enable, and we can also write scripts for even more advanced sales conditions.


With NuEPOS, you can show ingredients for products, or instructions and warnings on label templates. Using a simple drag and drop interface, you can control how the labels should look and display the data against the product.

Medication Labels