Languages & Localisation

NuEPOS supports many languages for different users, together with full localisation for dates, spelling, currencies and percentages based on your region.



Few EPOS systems are available in more than one language, and NuEPOS is unique in that it supports instant language switching upon staff login.

• Non-Latin & Right-To-Left Languages Supported e.g. Simplified Chinese, Arabic etc.

• Kitchen / Warehouse tickets can be printed in different languages for staff who do not speak the native tongue of the region.

• On-screen keyboards can be customised to incorporate common characters e.g. character accents.



All world currencies are supported, together with support for multiple currencies even within the same transaction.

• Each sale can be paid for in two or more currencies concurrently, useful for ferries or regions that border multiple countries.

• NuEPOS can obtain the current exchange rate automatically or you can program your own.

• Currencies with 3 decimal places supported.

• Different formatting can also be applied e.g. 2,20€ or €2.20

Locales And Regions

Locales And Regions

Customise how the system should present dates, percentages, numbers and even spelling depending on your country and region.

• British & US English supported e.g. Colour 🡒 Color, Globalisation 🡒 Globaization etc.

• Various date formatting such as middle endian for United States (MM/DD/YY). N.B Only Gregorian calendar is officially supported.

• System will auto insert accents where necessary e.g. Jalapeño .



NuEPOS allows you to suggest or alter translations than ones already available. You can also provide custom translations for non system objects such as product types for buttons.

• Auto translate will attempt to machine translate a particular phrase or word into the specified language.

• Customers who speak a particular language and English, and are willing to interpret new system phrases or improve existing translations may be applicable for discounted rates from NuEPOS.

• Translation updates are applied automatically behind the scenes.