Clothing / Fashion - Features

NuEPOS has many features suitable for stores that specalise in clothing or fashion.

Child Products / Matrices

Products in the fashion industry come in all sorts of sizes and varieties. With NuEPOS, you can create a parent product and then multiple child products based on size, colour, fabric etc.

Each child product can have its own barcode, re-ordering level, image etc., but keep the same properties as its parent. When a new size or colour comes into stock, adding the new item only requires knowing its barcode, supplier code, colour or size.

Clothing Varities
Previous Sales Reordering

Reorder Based On Previous Sales

Typically a retail store would order stock based on minimum and maximu. However, since clothing and fashion stores may only sell a product during a particular season, they may only need to reorder what they've recently sold.

NuEPOS can generate an order based on the sales of a defined period, and even help you create forward orders for items that have no barcode information yet until they arrive much later on.

Labels & Tags

Produce your own clothing tags from a label printer or desktop based printer. These can be any shape or size, and easily printed from the label designer or any other part of the software.

Labels & Tags
Multiple Locations

Multi Store Returns & Web Integration

All sales are stored for all stores across each terminal, so you can accept returns from any store (if you choose), and transfer stock very easily. Live stock quantities can also be viewed, and should the internet connection drop, you can still see stock levels up until the point the connection was lost.

Your website is also like another store, and NuEPOS offers so many integrations into all of the popular web platforms. Download orders every minute, synchronise stock levels and prices all from one place.