Security & Restrictions

Multiple Levels

Multiple Security Levels

  • Restrict access to different parts of the software with different levels of access.
  • Each level of access can be further customised to restrict different sections. Choose from 6 different levels of access.
  • Setup or change access levels once and they will propogate throughout your organisation automatically.

Biometric Login

  • Use fingerprint recognition to allow staff members to login without passwords or physical cards / dallas keys.
  • Apply upto 2 fingers per user. System will unlock and switch user in less than a second.
  • DigitalPersona fingerprint reader compatible, with some terminals coming as standard with fingerprint readers.
  • Staff clock in / out on any terminal using fingerprint recognition.
Biometric Login
Security Logs

Tracability & Logs

  • Monitor staff activity and trace any changes to the particular staff member.
  • Check for unusual activity throughout day-to-day sales to verify suspicious behaviour.