Customer Management & Loyalty

Introduce a customer loyalty scheme and ensure your customers continue to shop with your business. Offer rewards and incentives without the administration or headache.

Comprehensive Customer Database

Comprehensive Customer Database

Keep track of your customers and even add your own fields to your database for a tailor-made solution.

• Add custom fields such as text, numbers, dates etc.

• Unlimited addresses & telephone Numbers per customer.

• Assign multiple ID numbers to customers for loyalty cards incase they misplace them.

• Link children to parents for day care etc.

Loyalty Card

Points Schemes

Retain and reward your customers by implementing a points scheme and therefore protecting your business against the competition.

• Double points (or more) for special products.

• Allow more points for selected customer groups.

• Special offers can reward points instead of money, increasing the chance of a future visit.

Repeat Offers

Repeat Offers

Allow customers to earn a free item after a certain number of purchases without the need for a stamped card.

• Buy X get Y free over multiple occasions.

• Reduces fraud compared to stamped cards and is very simple to setup.

• Reports for manufacturers who compensate the free reward item.

Postal Code Lookup

Automatic Address Lookup

Find a customer's address quickly by just entering their postal code.

UK - shows every business and house for the selected postcode.

Ireland - Eircode search straight to the premises.

USA - 9-Digit Zipcode search showing house numbers.

• Useful for deliveries, marketing and address verification.

• More countries coming soon.

Extended Objects

Extended Objects

Extend your NuEPOS system by designing object types to associate with customers. E.g. Store customers' pets for Pet Stores, customers' guns for Firearm Stores, cars for servicing centers etc.

• Templates for common types can be downloaded.

• Each 'object' can have unlimited fields which can be grouped together, and also have multiple lists of nested sub objects.

• Fields can be text, numbers, dates, boolean values and images.

Photos / Notes

Unlimited Photos / Notes

Keep running notes and multiple photos of customers, useful for clubs, salons or semi-medical professions.

• Notes are timestamped and can be printed to a flatbed printer or receipt printer.

• Photos can be taken from a webcam or an external source.

• Photos can be shown on the sales screen when selecting a customer, useful for membership based businesses.

Customer Groups

Customer Groups And Price Bands

Organise your customers into groups, allowing specific pricing or rewards.

• Target market relevant offers to specific groups.

• Create entire price bands for all or certain products.

• Price bands can even be different currencies for selling to other businesses.

• Assign and restrict special offers to groups to encourage customers to join your loyalty scheme.

• Specify points multipliers or family and friends cart percentage discounts to selected groups.

Customer Forms

Customer Forms

Design and style your own Forms to be given to customers via a tablet in store or an email link on their own device at home.

• Each question can be text, numbers, dates, yes / no, multiple choice, addresses, phone numbers etc.

• Add static text and custom HTML on the forms to personalise the form to your business.

• Great for all kinds of customer disclaimers, especially when adding a digital signature to the form.

Customer Portal

Customer Web Portal

Allow your customers to view their sales and points through your own website.

• Login via a password for each customer or their postal code.

• Use CSS to skin the portal to match your website's design.

• Choose which sections customers may see.

• Points history, all their transactions, repeat offers such as Buy 7 for the price of 6.

• Customer may download receipts, invoices and statements for their own records.