Stock Manager

Stock Screen Customisation Screenshot

Full Layout Control Customisation

Reorganise the stock manager so that it shows the information where you require it.

  • Save different layouts for different tasks or staff members.
  • Each tool window can be docked, turned into tabs, or even leave the main window for multi monitor support.
  • Choose custom columns, header names and widths for the results, properties and search windows.
  • Multi theme support, including dark and light for user preference.

Extended Product Fields

  • Create your own fields for stock items, useful for industries that require more detail such as ring size for jewellery stores or shoe size for clothing departments.
  • Choose from text, whole numbers, decimals, dates and yes / no fields.
  • Extended fields can then be used for reporting, searching and website integration.
Extended Field Examples
Child Products

Child Products

  • Products with many different varieties can be grouped together into parent - child structures. The parent contains the main details such as tax rate, whereas the children have different quantities, prices, sizes etc.
  • Very useful for clothing stores.
  • Differentiate child products based on extended fields and multiple fields. E.g. a shoe could have many sizes and colours.

Linked Composition Items

  • Products that you buy whole and sell in smaller fractions can have their quantities and costs tracked easily. E.g. Buying a large bottle and selling shots of it.
  • Simply specify the relationship between the big bottle and the little bottle and NuEPOS will handle the rest.
  • Selling variable weights of the product can still maintain accurate costs and quantities, ensuring accurate and simple reordering.
Linked Composition Items
Multiple Stock Locations

Multiple Stock Locations Per Store

  • Not only can NuEPOS support mulitple sites, each with their own stock levels, but also allows each site to have multiple stock locations.
  • If a storeroom is located just off site, it may be useful to keep seperate stock location quantities.
  • Ideal for small inner city stores that cannot store all their stock on site.

Extensive Search Capabilities

  • Search by multiple fields at the same time.
  • Create common searches to reuse later.
  • Write your own complex search criteria, incorporating brackets, AND & OR for advanced users.
Extended Stock Search
Reports And Export

Reports And Export

  • Produce stock reports based on product, category, manufacturer etc.
  • Filter reports to show only the range of products you require before generating them.
  • Export reports to PDF, HTML or Excel.
  • Export stock search results to CSV, Excel or the clipboard.

Bulk Update

  • Mass update products easily and quickly by simply selecting the records and entering the new value.
  • Write formulae to update products based on rules.
  • Even export the data to Excel, and then re-import it when the changes have been made.
Import Data
Product Restrictions

Product Restrictions

Create restrictions to limit or forbid certain products from being sold based on conditions

  • Prevent customers overbuying or underbuying certain quantities.
  • Limit sales based on date ranges, day of the week, customers or customer groups, weight or staff member serving.
  • Supports rare instances where you can write advanced scripts for extremely complicated products