Bar / Restaurant - Features

NuEPOS has many features suitable for all different varieties of hospitality. Not all may be relevant depending on how you run your premises, but the options are available to you if you need them.

Measures & Ingredients

When you sell a drink or food item, the system can be configured to deduct the correct fraction from its parent item. So if you sell a Jack Daniels & Coke, 250ml could be deducted from the large 1.5L bottle. Furthermore, the computer will now automatically know the cost of this drink because it knows how much the 1.5L bottle cost you. This also works for food as well, you can configure a food item to be made up of many different ingredients.

Optic Drinks
Restaurant Table

Tables & Customer Tabs

Though generally for restaurants, you can store what customers are purchasing before they pay by associating them to a table or cart. This can also be useful for customers who want to build up a drinking tab and pay at the end. Any till or PDA can add items to a table with full reporting incase of any discrepancies.

Product Options

There is an unlimited level of options you can request when serving an item, primarily for providing food items. If someone wants a cheeseburger, then the system can ask what dressings or sauces the customer wants. This can be expanded by also deducting the correct levels from the large containers e.g. a small coffee should deduct 100ml of milk whereas a large coffee should deduct 200ml of milk. You can specify costs, minimums, maximums and whether these choices allow one option only or multiple options within a group.

Product Options
Multiple Drinks

Rewarding Multiple Visits

Instead of paper cards that can be lost or forged, the system can offer nth drink free by simply selecting the customer. Once the customer has enough purchases, they automatically get a free drink. This is a HUGE feature as it helps to ensure customers keep visiting your establishment. 11th drink or meal free equates to 10% off in the long term. Customers can even login online and see how many they have left.


The system can prompt to ask the age of the customers (which is usually legislation as reports may need submitting), and if they fail this check it will ask for a reason. It will show the expected date of birth and can be expanded to also restrict certain food items during certain times / days.

ID Card