Newsagents / Book Stores - Features

NuEPOS has many features suitable for newsagents that are designed to tackle a lot of small quirks that quite common in the Newsagents industry.

Price Marked Items / Magazines

Selling an item day-by-day and all of a sudden a price marked variant comes in with a new barcode. Don't insert a new product, simply add the new barcode and give it a price override!

Magazines can also often come with 13+2 digit barcodes to denote the issue number. Our system can recognise this and either separate the multiple editions or combine them as one product.

13 + 2 Digit Barcode
Lady in Bookstore

Online Product Lookup

We keep an enormous database of products from all industries across the world, numbering in the millions. If you have a product and its not in the system, press our online lookup button first to see if we can offer you pictures, titles, descriptions and possible prices to save you typing them out yourself.

Not only does our online lookup service check our database, it also check other online sources. Virtually all books will be found either by their EAN or ISBN barcode, and the system can even set identify books and set their tax rate automatically (*depends based on region).

Customer Orders / Deliveries

Recurring subscriptions, or one off special orders can be handled in our customer orders section. You can even manage deliveries of these items if thats a service you offer.

Deposits can be held for more expensive items or difficult to sell items that have to be ordered in.

Customer Orders
Lottery Tickets

Services / Age Restrictions.

Not everything you sell is a product you buy in and then sell. Service products such as delivery charges, lottery, utility topups can be setup as variable priced items.

NuEPOS can also prompt to age-check customers if buying age restricted items. Their minimum date of birth will also be displayed making it easier to verify their age. You can even store their ID or photo and details in the loyalty system so they don't need it again.