Stock Ordering / Purchase Orders

Reorder Stock Automatically

Reorder Stock Automatically

Save time by reordering your stock automatically from any terminal, and then send it directly to your supplier.

  • Generate Orders Automatically Via Minimum & Maximum Levels.
  • Generate Orders Automatically From Previous Sales.
  • Generate Orders By Importing from CSV / Excel.
  • Create Orders Manually via Software or the APP.

Track Supplier Accuracy

  • Ensure the stock you ordered is the stock you have received.
  • Eliminate human error and verifiying the items are correct by scanning them in at any terminal or using the handheld APP.
  • Produce reports showing supplier accuracy and fulfilment performance.
  • Compare pricing now and historically from suppliers when producing an order or negotiating with supplier representives.
Track Order Accuracy
Live Mini Stats

Live Mini Stats

  • Check instant live statistics for a product whilst preparing a purchase order.
  • Choose from a graph or a table of information including Total Sold, Most & Least Sold In A Week / Month, Total Markdowns etc.
  • Choose from a single store, all stores, or custom selection of stores.

Chain Ordering To A Central Warehouse

Choose how multiple stores should order their products:

  • • All stores generate their own orders and send them directly to a supplier individually
  • • All stores generate their own orders and send them to a central warehouse for replenishment
  • • Head office generates the store orders.
  • Alternatively, a mixture of the above can be performed per supplier. Some orders are direct to suppliers and some are from a central warehouse.
Chain Warehouse