Multiple Terminals & Sites

Multiple Terminals

Multiple Terminals Per Store

There is no limit to how many terminals can be deployed in one store, with any action performed on one terminal spreading automatically to all other tills and back offices.

  • Terminals can communicate directly with each other to share data OR
  • Each terminal can communicate exclusively to NuEPOS servers to share data incase terminals are on different networks.

Distributed Sites

NuEPOS servers will ensure each site stays synchronised with any new changes, making opening new stores simple and straightforward.

  • Different stores can choose which types of data they wish to synchronise such as products, vouchers, customers etc. This is especially useful if they are not a chain.
  • Optionally allow refunds, repeat offers (Buy 6 Get 7th Free) and vouchers to be used interchangably throughout the organisation.
Multiple Terminals And Stores