Invoicing & Statements


Allow Customers to Pay on Credit with Specific Credit Terms Per Customer.

  • Permit only authorised customers to pay on credit.
  • Credit limits and number of days can be defined per customer.
  • Supports products in bonded warehouses

Produce Customisable Statements and Invoices in HTML and PDFs.

  • Invoices and Statements can be completely customised to match your preference or company styling.
  • Supports mulitple invoice & statement templates, so you can choose a different style or format for specific customers.
Edit Statements
Bulk Send Documents

Bulk Print / Email Invoices or Statements Per Month or Period.

  • Easily print or email all invoices and / or statements to your credit customers.
  • Group customers who prefer posted documents and those who prefer emails.

Produce Reports such as Aged Debtors.

  • Create Aged Debtors reports to see which customers owe money, including past dated reports.
  • Generate other documentation such as Bond Tax certificates for products that are currently in bond.
Customer Portal

Web Portal For Invoices

Allow your customers to view their invoices and statements online.

  • As soon as the items have been purchased on credit, the invoices are available for them on the portal.
  • Customers can view and download their invoices and statements at any time, including historical invoices.
  • This eliminates the need to email and post invoices each month.