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Website Integration

Website Integration

Synchronise your e-Platform

Link your website, or other platform to NuEPOS for seemless multi-platform benefits.

  • Synchronise your stock quantities in real-time with your website to prevent over selling.
  • Download and process orders automatically.
  • Providing the same email address is used across platforms, customer can gain points and repeat purchases.
  • Automatically email custom forms for special items online such as SQP.
  • Choose which aspect to synchronise such as quantities, prices etc.

Upload products To Websites

Create a product on NuEPOS and upload to multiple sources.

  • Choose different categories for each product per website.
  • Set multiple images on NuEPOS and upload directly to websites in multiple sizes.
  • Uploaded products are automatically linked and begin synchronising their quantities and prices immediately.
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Website Integration

Multiple Platforms & Couriers Supported

We can integrate with many different website platforms, feel free to contact us to check if your site is compatible.

  • Popular solutions include eBay, Amazon, OpenCart, Wordpress / WooCommerce, Joomla / Virtuemart, Visualsoft, WIX, Shopify, freewebstore, GloriaFood and many more.
  • Integrate with couriers for streamlined web order processing such as DPD & Royal Mail.
  • Map different web payment methods to system payment methods for accurate bookkeeping.

Near St

Make in-store inventory visible to millions of people searching for it nearby.

  • Give customers looking up your business in Google the ability to see what you have in stock directly in search results, driving incremental footfall and sales.
  • NearSt can automatically show your products at the top of Google to shoppers searching for them nearby, and send them to your store.
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